When we were first engaged to build this Granny Flat in St Clair, we immediately put in the legwork to ensure a quick turnaround as promised to Daniel & Danielle.

A huge misconception about Granny Flats is that they are “easy” to build. Unfortunately, this is often not the case due to the condition of the land in which it will be built on. For this project, we established that there used to be a swimming pool in the backyard, so we immediately re-engineered the design from bored piers to galvanized screw piles to ensure the new dwelling will not crack over time due to movement from the built-up moisture of the foundation.

Danielle had great taste in designing the Granny Flat, while staying cost-effective. This is clearly evident from the quality of the kitchen finishes as well as the style of tile used throughout the Granny Flat.

We ensured that Daniel and Danielle were notified before we performed any task and are proud to say that due to our efforts in the early (critical) stages of the project, we were able to turn this project around fairly quickly and to a high standard. As a result, our customers had tenants move in just before Christmas – a wonderful, stress-free outcome.

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